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Carnaby Street

If you want a unique shopping experience, without the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, than Carnaby street is the perfect place for you. It is located in the Soho district, near Regent Street. Carnaby street is well known for unique independent boutiques, as well as global fashion stores. You can also find amazing bars, restaurants and clubs. Carnaby Street became famous in the 1960’s, when it became popular for followers of  the Mod and hippie styles. With local music pubs with bands such as The Rolling Stones it became one of the coolest destinations associated with the swinging London of the 1960’s. This is one of London’s most popular and unique shopping destinations! 



A Foggy Day in London Town

A foggy day in London Town,
Had me low, had me down
I viewed the morning with such alarm,
British museum had lost its charm

How long, I wonder, could this thing last?
But the age of miracles hadn’t past,
For suddenly i saw you there
And through foggy London town the sun was shining everywhere

This sunday has been one of those days when you don’t feeling like doing anything but stay under the covers for hours. When I woke up this morning a thick fog was covering everything in sight. I actually like this kind of weather, because it gives you the perfect excuse to have a quiet day and order chinese food with a great friend:) I hope everyone had a wonderful sunday.


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Chinatown – a Feast for the Senses

Chinatown is part of the Soho area of the City of Westminster, and it is a tourist spot that simply cannot be missed. It contains a number of Chinese restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and other Chinese-run businesses. The second you walk into Chinatown, you feel like you are being transported to a different world.The sights, smells and sounds are very distinctive, creating an atmosphere unlike anything you’ll ever experience. This area of London is a must-see for any tourist! I recommend eating dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants in this area. If you are planning to visit Chinatown, try to schedule it around one of the area’s many events and festivals.


I Love Richmond

On of the greatest things about studying in London, is that you get to do your homework at Starbucks:) So yesterday, some friends of mine and I decided to spend the day in Richmond. This part of London is so charming and quiet, yet still fun and exiting:) We spent the day sitting at Starbucks with all our books, trying to get some work done, and then we had pizza at a charming little place called Pizza Rustica. Richmond is definitely one of my new favorite places in London. I am living on campus this year, but maybe Richmond would be a good place to rent a house next year? hmm… ❤


The Wizard of Oz

When my parents came to visit me a couple of weeks ago, we decided to go see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of The Wizard of Oz the musical, at the Palladium theatre. This musical is starring Danielle Hope as Dorothy and Michael Crawford (the original phantom in Phantom of the Opera) as the wizard. Danielle got the part of Dorothy through the popular BBC reality show entitled “Over the Rainbow”. This musical was absolutely fantastic! At first, I was worried that this musical was best suited for children, but I think its a wonderful, uplifting production, suitable for all ages. I will probably go see this musical again! If you are planning on going to London anytime soon, I highly recommend that you see it. I will definitely keep blogging about the musicals I see in London, but I’m a huge musical geek, so I’ll probably say that they’re all fantastic:)


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Christmas Lights

To anyone not living in London – you’re missing out!


London Tourists

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s November already! Christmas is right around the corner, and even though I have A LOT to do before then, i’m so exited! Also, a few weeks ago some friends of mine came to visit me in London. We has sooo much fun! One of them had never been in London before, so we visited all the typical tourist attractions. So in a way, this post is a recap of the entire “greatest places in London series”. Enjoy!