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My Beautiful Home

The view from my house 🙂 Cant believe I’m going home tomorrow! so exited!


London Moments

After a long day of studying, I spotted this gorgeous tree outside the library. The campus is so beautiful right now!

Blast from the Past

My sister and I in Israel

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Never Let Me Go

One of the novels we read this term is “Never let me go”, by Kazuo Ishiguro. Last year we only covered older novels like Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, so it was really enjoyable to read something written by a more contemporary author.

The story is focused around Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, who grow up on what seems like a boarding school. As the story continues, we find out that the children are clones, bread with the sole purpose of becoming organ donors.

It’s a heartbreaking story, that leaves you questioning how you look at the value of a human life. Although it might seem like a dystopian science fiction story, you will not find high tech science explanations and a society filled with chaos. This novel focuses mostly on the story of the characters, and their journey. When the purpose of your life has already been planned, how can love exist between two people?

This novel is written in a beautifully subtle way, that highlights the themes in the story.

A highly recommended read!

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The Muppets

A couple of weeks ago I watched The Muppets at the movies with my friend Marie. It was an amazing, positive and uplifting film, perfect if you’re still a child at heart.  Also, Jason Segel AND Neil Patrick Harris are both in it! What other reasons do you need?!

One of my favorite moments of the film is the oscar winning song “Man or Muppet”. So charming and funny!

Palladium Theatre

You know how  certain places can evoke certain feelings? How particular sights, smells or images can instantly take you back to a specific memory? Well, whenever I walk past the London Palladium, I instantly remember how wonderful I felt when I saw the musical The Wizard of Oz with my parents. That was the first time they ever visited me since I moved away from home last September. It was one of those days that are absolutely perfect, from beginning to end.

The musical was of course absolutely fantastic. The score, the set, the actors and the dancers were all amazing. I remember that I couldn’t  help but identifying with Dorothy as a character. The dreaming, the longing to see different places, and experience new things. She leaves her small home town, and finds herself having the adventure of a lifetime. I couldn’t help but getting chocked up during the end of the musical, when she has to say goodbye to the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. The fact that I’m an obsessed musical freak to begin with didn’t help..

Whenever I am near the Palladium Theatre, I’m reminded of a perfect memory. Its like a little piece of home is here with me 🙂

“The wonders of the world”

No place like home..

Oxford Circus

Whenever I’m at Oxford Circus, I feel like I’m standing in the very heart of the city. This area is where my some of my favorite streets in London meet, Regent street and Oxford street. It’s the perfect place to shop til’ you drop, but also a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the buzz of the big city. the architecture is stunning, and it’s especially beautiful during christmas because of the decorations. As I’m, from a very small town in Norway, the excitement of the big city never gets old 🙂

One of my favorite places to eat near Oxford Circus is Garfunkel’s. Its a restaurant/cafe thats inspired by the typical american diner. If you’re a tourist, this is the perfect place to get pancakes for breakfast!

Photos From A Busy Week

My view from the library

My view from the library

English Literature Lecture

Spring 😀

Moments of London

I love that i run into these guys every day on my way to school!