Experience London – Barnes

Barnes is a small part of southwest London, and only  10 minutes away from my campus. My friend Marie and I decided to go explore this area the other day, and found out that is it really charming! You can find lots of sweet little cafes and shops, we even found an old church 🙂

There are so many lovely streets in Barnes, and the dream would be to find a house there to rent next year!

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6 thoughts on “Experience London – Barnes

  1. tonemor says:

    Såå nydelig. Det nederste bildet var hjertetreff.

  2. tonemor says:

    ..og library sesion, det er jo bare lekkert. Du er så heldig, Viktoria!

  3. tonemor says:

    session..heter det kanskje!

  4. viktoriablog says:

    Tusen takk ! 🙂 🙂

  5. yasminehussain says:

    Hey, thanks for your comment. Barnes is really lovely, I especially like the walk along the river, and the wetlands centre is definately worth a visit! X

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