Palladium Theatre

You know how  certain places can evoke certain feelings? How particular sights, smells or images can instantly take you back to a specific memory? Well, whenever I walk past the London Palladium, I instantly remember how wonderful I felt when I saw the musical The Wizard of Oz with my parents. That was the first time they ever visited me since I moved away from home last September. It was one of those days that are absolutely perfect, from beginning to end.

The musical was of course absolutely fantastic. The score, the set, the actors and the dancers were all amazing. I remember that I couldn’t  help but identifying with Dorothy as a character. The dreaming, the longing to see different places, and experience new things. She leaves her small home town, and finds herself having the adventure of a lifetime. I couldn’t help but getting chocked up during the end of the musical, when she has to say goodbye to the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. The fact that I’m an obsessed musical freak to begin with didn’t help..

Whenever I am near the Palladium Theatre, I’m reminded of a perfect memory. Its like a little piece of home is here with me 🙂

“The wonders of the world”

No place like home..

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  1. tonemor says:

    my girl…

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