Redheads in the city

It’s time for me to be reunited with one of my favorite cities in the world. Oslo! I love England, and London is fantastic, but it feels really good to be home. Oslo is a really versatile city, with everything from beautiful parks to charming areas by the sea. Everything from high fashion stores to cute little vintage boutiques and everything in between.  If you are ever in need of recommended tourist attractions in Oslo, feel free to let me know.  Tonight it’s time to catch up with a wonderful friend (and fellow redhead), for dinner and tonights showing of American Pie: reunion.  I’m expecting laughter, hilarious comedy and me being slightly embarrassed…

Beautiful Oslo…

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7 thoughts on “Redheads in the city

  1. Hannahcec says:

    sounds nice.
    SUSS H-C!!

  2. tonemor says:


  3. Andrew says:

    I studied abroad in London, and had an awesome time (what I remember of it anyway). Never made it to Oslo, but I really want to go at some point. Plus “Oslo in the Summertime” by Of Montreal is an awesome song.

  4. I have always always wanted to come see Oslo. I also have the dream to someday live there for a short while, it seems like such a glorious place. If I am ever lucky enough to get back to that side of the pond I shall be asking you where to go! (Besides seeing every Edvard Munch piece you have in the city- he’s one of my favorite artists!)

  5. Sara says:

    Åh! Så fint å ha deg hjemme i Norge igjen : )
    Og for et nydelig, langt, rødt hår! 🙂

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