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Garden Roses


What I do on a rainy monday

Today I brought my enormous pile of books to a cafe that I love, met up with my precious friends and ended the night at the movie theatre. A day filled wit my favorite things, in my favorite city. I don’t think I have realized just how pretty Oslo is in the rain before.

Sunday Morning

I’m just popping by to say a quick hello before I leave to spend the day at some friends house. It’s a beautiful morning in Olso today, I can actually see the sun! That doesn’t happen too often this summer. But still, I’m not complaining, because I just received the books from my entire autumn reading list for english literature. I’ll most likely spend the rest of the summer vacation buried in books such s Peter and Wendy, The Chronicles of Narnia and Treasure Island. I’m so exited to get started! I guess there is no doubt that I chose the right subject to study when I literally  can’t wait to embark upon the 25 novels I have to read before the semester starts…

Happy sunday everyone, have a good one.

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