Oslo Opera House

Yesterday I went to the Oslo opera house with my family to watch my sister dance. Needless to say I was so proud of her! The Opera house in Oslo is still quite new, and it’s a very beautiful building right by the sea. The Oslo opera house is home to the Norwegian national Opera and Ballet, and it’s the national Opera Theatre in Norway. As you can tell from the picture, the outside surfaces of the building are angled to make it appear as if the the building is rising from the water. Very beautiful.

Officially opened in April 2008, the Oslo Opera House was designed by the acclaimed Norwegian architectural firm  called Snøhetta. The opera, which took five years to complete, is quite easy to get to, as it is close to the central train station.  It is the largest cultural building to be built in Norway since the construction of the Nidarosdomen cathedral  in Trondheim at the start of the 14th century.

I have only seen an actual opera in this building one time. My friend and I got standing room tickets, because lets face it, were students.. And tickets to go see an opera are outrageously expensive.. But it turned out that the standing room area had the best view in the house, so we were pretty happy.

My Beautiful sister

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Monday Inspiration

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Strawberry Hill

I’m an english literature student, and I recently read The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole. This novel, with its flying helmets and moving portraits, is widely recognized as the first gothic novel. As a part of the course this term, we went on a trip to Strawberry Hill house, the gothic inspired home of Horace Walpole. I have to admit I was surprised by the fact that we were visiting a gothic castle referred to as Strawberry Hill. Those words aren’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of vampires and old castles.. However, the castle was beautiful, and so were the surroundings. I though I would share some of my captions with you 🙂


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Redheads in the city

It’s time for me to be reunited with one of my favorite cities in the world. Oslo! I love England, and London is fantastic, but it feels really good to be home. Oslo is a really versatile city, with everything from beautiful parks to charming areas by the sea. Everything from high fashion stores to cute little vintage boutiques and everything in between.  If you are ever in need of recommended tourist attractions in Oslo, feel free to let me know.  Tonight it’s time to catch up with a wonderful friend (and fellow redhead), for dinner and tonights showing of American Pie: reunion.  I’m expecting laughter, hilarious comedy and me being slightly embarrassed…

Beautiful Oslo…

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Little Venice

One of the joys of living in London is that you get the chance to explore the areas of the city that are less exposed to tourists, and still incredibly worth while. I decided to visit Little Venice with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, and this area is so charming and lovely.  As the name suggests, little Venice is an area of London that is interspersed with waterways. Although it honestly doesn’t look that much like Italy, it might be one of the coolest part of London. Located near Paddington station, the area is filled with charming little restaurants and pubs that are incredibly laid back and friendly.

This part of London is perfect for a nice stroll by the river wit a great friend. I guarantee it! And the boats reminds me of Johnny Depp’s character in the movie chocolat. The river Rats 🙂

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Theatre review – Noises Off

A few weeks ago I had the chance to watch the new production of “Noises Off” on the west end. One of the perks of being friends with a drama student is being dragged along to various theatre performances 🙂

Noises off is an absolutely hilarious comedy that plays on the concept of a play within a play. The audience is whiteness to both the dress rehearsal and the chaotic circumstances that occur backstage while the  play is being performed. We were lucky enough to sit in the front row, and I can honestly say that I laughed for 2 hours straight..

Noises Off is currently playing at the Old Vic theatre in London. If you want a light, entertaining night in the theatre, Noises Off is a wonderful choice.

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Hometown Glory

A tribute to beautiful London, my home away from home. I can’t believe my first year at university is over already.. Time flies! This year has been exiting, rewarding, meaningful, challenging and completely life changing! It’s time for an unbelievably long summer vacation, before I return to London in september. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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I am  completely convinced that my university has the most beautiful campus in the world! This picture is from a part of campus called Froebel College. The house shown in the picture is actually available for weddings!

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Back on Campus

I arrived in London Sunday afternoon, and it feels so great to be back! Even though I am hoping for better weather. I still not used to the april showers!

Flying back to my home away from home

The first week of the summer term has officially started!

The sun popped put for a few minutes today 🙂

Now I’m ready for a lot more of this!! Starbucks and literature, what could be better?

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Easter Vacation Through Instagram

Here is a selection of instagram posts from the last 3 weeks 🙂

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