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Sunday Morning

I’m just popping by to say a quick hello before I leave to spend the day at some friends house. It’s a beautiful morning in Olso today, I can actually see the sun! That doesn’t happen too often this summer. But still, I’m not complaining, because I just received the books from my entire autumn reading list for english literature. I’ll most likely spend the rest of the summer vacation buried in books such s Peter and Wendy, The Chronicles of Narnia and Treasure Island. I’m so exited to get started! I guess there is no doubt that I chose the right subject to study when I literally  can’t wait to embark upon the 25 novels I have to read before the semester starts…

Happy sunday everyone, have a good one.

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Strawberry Hill

I’m an english literature student, and I recently read The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole. This novel, with its flying helmets and moving portraits, is widely recognized as the first gothic novel. As a part of the course this term, we went on a trip to Strawberry Hill house, the gothic inspired home of Horace Walpole. I have to admit I was surprised by the fact that we were visiting a gothic castle referred to as Strawberry Hill. Those words aren’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of vampires and old castles.. However, the castle was beautiful, and so were the surroundings. I though I would share some of my captions with you 🙂


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Back on Campus

I arrived in London Sunday afternoon, and it feels so great to be back! Even though I am hoping for better weather. I still not used to the april showers!

Flying back to my home away from home

The first week of the summer term has officially started!

The sun popped put for a few minutes today 🙂

Now I’m ready for a lot more of this!! Starbucks and literature, what could be better?

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Never Let Me Go

One of the novels we read this term is “Never let me go”, by Kazuo Ishiguro. Last year we only covered older novels like Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, so it was really enjoyable to read something written by a more contemporary author.

The story is focused around Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, who grow up on what seems like a boarding school. As the story continues, we find out that the children are clones, bread with the sole purpose of becoming organ donors.

It’s a heartbreaking story, that leaves you questioning how you look at the value of a human life. Although it might seem like a dystopian science fiction story, you will not find high tech science explanations and a society filled with chaos. This novel focuses mostly on the story of the characters, and their journey. When the purpose of your life has already been planned, how can love exist between two people?

This novel is written in a beautifully subtle way, that highlights the themes in the story.

A highly recommended read!

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